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Their Needs Are Being Met

Thanks to some Faith Based Organizations and individuals prayer needs are being met.

Will your faith based non-profit organization join us in helping us all meet the needs of others?

We will list your web site for Free.

Our goal is to work together in unity.  Working in unity makes a huge difference in the lives of the lost, used and abused.

What does this mission look like, you are invited to come out and join us as we feed, clothe, listen and pray for our lost, unloved, unwanted, used and abused children.  Come and be the light in their darkness.  There is something to do almost every day of the week. We are in need of more Faith Based Non-Profit Community Resources for one purpose Gods Kingdom.

Faith Based Non-Profit Community Resources consist of multiple organizations and people working in unity for the Kingdom Of God.

Our Mission Field – Gods Lost Children

We are expanding to other areas of Sacramento and yes we are seeking others to take the lead in the areas they live.

Will you join us in growing more followers?

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