But, I Am Innocent!

My true story falls in line with Jesus true story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it when you have a clean record (like Jesus), they are able to find you guilty (because of another persons sin)?

When I read through the documents that they have copied and pasted (accused me of), that I would have to appeal (others sins) they have formulated against me.

If I choose to appeal (my innocence) what would I be appealing?

The copy and paste (their evidence) or their opinion (belief)? I am (me) being told I am guilty for sharing the love of Jesus with others and asking another to confess to me their sin.

But, I will turn this to good by not perusing a corrupt system!

I passed all the tests, but, they want to hold an others sin against me.

My pursuit was not Gods pursuit.

Lesson learned, don’t pursue what God hasn’t called you to pursue.

Just being honest we are guilty by association.wp-1479397237707.jpg

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