Prophetic Word Spoken

I see you climbing the ladder, and up and up you are going, I hear the sound of trumpets I see the word written in bold letters Salvation. I see you climbing a very steep a very beautiful mountain, from the top of the mountain you hear the voice of the lord he is encouraging you my daughter, my daughter, keep moving, keep moving, moving…I’m showing you the burning bush experience is coming in your life I see you flying, you are circling that hill and again your going to hear the sound of the trumpet.I hear the angels singing holy holy holy is the Lord God almighty again I hear you circling the mountain you are flying and the engines are carrying you around my mountain. The Lord says you have come thus far you have wished you climb this mountain and now you will hear the voice of the Lord be still and know that I am your Lord and I am your God that I God like a guiding star, I am your shepherd, I am guiding you. Hear the voice of the trumpet. It is time it is time to go forward.  I see the word evangelist. I see the word career women. I hear the word mother to many nations. I see children coming to you. I see young people running to you. The lord says you are my precise target. The lord says your name will not be brought-en out in the book of life the lord says your name. I have your name, my daughter of mine, I have engraved in the palm of my hand in the beautiful block letters in Gold. I see rainbow raindrops coming down, little diamonds, like little pearl balls by the sea, these are diamonds coming down on you upon you. I see you standing by the sea in the golden letters again I see you writing the words Salvation to many shall come quickly and the Lord is telling you. The lord says people are dying, what you going to do about it? Keep moving faster now, the Lord says it is time, it is fast paced it is fast forward times
Evangelism, China, Uganda, P. , Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Time square. I see the sports stadium filled with people, no sports going on just the sound of music the music and the love of Christ John 3:16
Transfiguration, I hear the sound of music again the lord is telling you great is thy calling you super women, wonder women they will call you, because I see you moved and shifted them and fast forward quickly you are doing so many multi tasking you are doing many things at the same time. The word outside of the church needs the love, the world outside of the church needs compassion the world outside the church needs to embrace in this in… through worship. I hear the sound of music, I am receiving the name Hawaii, Puerto Rico, El Salvador Nicaragua Nigeria, P…. S. Pacific
you will hear the sound of music coming from the S. Pacific and there is a place you have always wanted and you will be going there the Lord says you I will shelter, I will comfort you the Lord says my grace is sufficient for you for all seasons for it is my grace that has brought you so far, thus far be still the Lord says, I will make you a spokesperson of many nations, you will be quieter, you will be still and know that I will be doing the orchestration beloved daughter of mine not thy will, but my will be done, keep seeking, keep asking, and keep pushing forward, perseverance is the key, it’s not by mighty its not power but, by the Holy Spirit say it the Lord. Evangelism I see the door is being broken opening the door is the angel of the Lord leading you I see 7 doors marked and word marked for perfection and the arrow that will go on the door you will not be used for target practice the Lord says you will be marked for perfection I will use you, you are are not a blunt arrow but you are my sharp shooter arrow Romania, Tasmania, Romania, Puerto Rico (again) El Salvador (again).
Mission field, mission field, mission field, children, children and women, bruised women, beaten women and abused women Keep moving says the Lord, deliver sugar sugar cane area, sugar cane land, Pacific Ocean. The sound of music the sound of the trumpet, the sound of revival. I have opened doors and open exists for you say it the Lord in the season of revival is upon thee say it the Lord thus I have established it and quickly you will enter the Rem and the dominion! All is well in my court sayeth the Lord – Jeremiah 33 Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things sayeth the Lord I have established it from the beginning of time. I have engraved your name on the palm of my hand can anyone erase it? And the answer is my daughter is No! I have called you for the precise season and the precise time, called to conquer. I will give you a generous nation. Be glad and rejoice I have done a good thing women rise up and walk and a season will come and you will run, walking will be over and you will jumbo jet to your precise destinations. Sayeth your God almighty and the father is nodding in agreement be blessed. June 15, 2016

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