Welcome, I’m grateful you found me here or should I say I’m thankful you stumbled across my blog.  I hope you will hang around for some time to learn more about me and why I finally surrendered to what I have been fighting my entire life.

Is this blog really about me?

It may be or it may not be about me. It may even be about what needed to take place for me to have what I needed for the upcoming trials and tribulations. I was a child that was lost, I was lost till one day not so long ago! The day my spouse came into my business to find me on the ground. I was crying uncontrollably as my body shook uncontrollably. My spouse took me in his car and as we were driving to emergency, I continued crying, laughing and shaking. When we finally arrived at the hospital and after I had been evaluated for sometime they couldn’t diagnose what was happening.

Blog Posts

I hope my blog writings will give you a new prospective when it comes to ourselves.  My writings will reflect that I am not perfect.  I will go back in time but, not too far back.

Family Life

I will discuss all the flaws I had in my life and I hope this will inspire you. You may wonder what it is like growing up as the bakers daughter. Well, I can tell you this much it had its fair share of ups and downs. I will walk you through my life as the bakers daughter and educate you along the way. There were so many variations as to what normalcy was, as I am sure it is within your family unit. I was brought up in a family that never divorced, they stuck it out till death do us part. Our family life had some pretty horrific and challenging times. My life existed in a dysfunctional family, the only normalcy was being with my grandma, but, that had its challenges too.


Before we can get to where we need to be we must learn what it takes to get there. So, I ask you, who are you and what are you called to do? I want you to think long and hard about the following “I or it can”’ statements prior to seeking the answer that I have left out below. I was at work one day when God laid a particular ingredient on my heart of which I am ready to share with you through my writings.

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