Letter 2018July14 New Course


My Beautiful Soulmate

This letter is mostly about my first day of building maintenance, it was pretty cool.  I look forward to getting started.building

I hope this letter finds you all well and blessed! I figured since, I can’t see you or call you today I would write.  I am sure we will talk about most of these things tomorrow but, just in case you could not make it I will update you before Weds.


When I complete this class I will have all the knowledge to construct a basic house from ground to roof top and pass inspection.

Our instructor let us know he has a good friend who owns a construction company.  His company not only does stick built homes on site but builds prefab homes. His friend has and will hired former students our instructor sends him.  Pay isn’t great but pay is $15.00 to $18.00 per hour to start.

This would help us out and its a good job that’s not seasonal.  His only things are no drugs, be reliable and don’t steal – perfect for me.  That’s around $600 per week until we get a business open.

I can build our tiny homes for material cost.  Also basic solar is part of this course, masonry, carpentry, electrical, foundation, plumbing, drywall, appliance installation, roofing, windows, weather proofing, etc. is all part of this course.  Everything I need to know. The basics of each thing build all to code.

I am very excited!  God always answers!  My week is packed full this class, celebrate recovery, bible study, etc.

I have a couple more classes I am waiting to hear back from.  This vocation and job opportunity is very good news!  I could commute for a year or so depending on our needs. Then, I can build, build, build on our land.  I can’t wait to get started. I will scoot for now my love. I love, miss, appreciate and adore you very much!  xoxoxoxo please give my love to mom and the kiddos

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