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Decorating Tip Cleaning Suggestions

When it comes to cake decorating tips I would like to share with you a time that I was cleaning out a cake decorating tip, it was one of the larger decorating tips.

I was home all alone and as I was rinsing out the large decorating canvas bag that was filled with some cookie dough. I was finding it rather hard to get the rest of the dough out of the tip of the bag. As I was trying to dislodge the tip from the bag I needed to push the ingredients out of the tip, so I decided to use my finger. That was NOT a good idea. My finger went through the tip no problem, but, I couldn’t pull my finger out because the teeth at the end of the decorating tip. I kept trying to pull my finger out, but, the teeth grabbed a hold of my skin and started to shred my flesh as I continued to attempt to remove my finger.

I started to panic about what I was going to do next. I tried to remain calm and think long and hard about my surroundings. I though do I run to the neighbors?  Do I try and go to emergency all while my finger continues to swell up more. Do I try and pry the sharp edge away one tooth at the time? As I attempted to pry the teeth away, the other tips (claws) would gouge into my finger. Then, a thought came about telling me to use my other hand to squeeze the top of the tip, the larger part of the tip. By doing just that, this  caused the smaller part of the tip to open up.

That thought was from above because I listened and followed the instruction given to me.

During this scary event, I felt hopeless with no one there to rescue me. I tried to think of ways that I could remove myself from the situation. But, it wasn’t till I let go and allowed God to speak to me is when I was able to break free from the ‘claw’ part of the tip.

We cannot give up on our situations, we must pray and ask for God’s help, even if its a dangerous situation.

Take good care of your tips by washing them and don’t use your fingers to push things out of the tips!


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