Dig Deep

Dig Deep

Sometimes we just need to dig deep down within ourselves to get down to the (source) to better understand the outcome of its (use).dig deep

I have been through countless trials in my life that made me who I am today. I am a woman that God is using continually. I had to learn and grow through all my trials. I had to tap into Him or should I say that I press into Him.


A tragedy took place in my life, that caused me to shut the door on my business that catered to children. I am here to assemble and achieve what I call a solution to our troubled world. My goal is to see that each city has a place for those that are lost, used and abused. A safe place they can stay to repair and restore themselves. Until they can start their life out the right way and so they can go in the right direction.

Because after all broken hearts can become brand new that is what faith can do!


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