Prophetic Word Heard


Prophetic Word – 3rd follow-up

At my last hair appointment my friend asked me if I thought about baking ever again.  I said, no, but,I do miss the time I spent with the kids. My friend also brought up ways in doing my prior baking by doing it with battered women and children.  This conversation is another follow up to the prophetic word spoken to me.

Shared my limitations

I told her my limitations at the moment, she reminded there are lots of ways to make this happen; pursing grants, funding, etc.


I know my idea had impacted many…

  • because, it was unique
  • because, the parents had no additional costs or messes
  • because, of the memories that were created
  • because, of the lesson learned
  • because, of the outcome
  • because, of the reward

Lord, direct me where you want me to go!