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My beginning

His Creation, I was born into this world.

My mom’s pregnancy was planned, I was born in the 1960’s. I come from a family of bakers, my grandfather started the legacy then, it was passed along too two of his three sons. The two sons passed it along to their children till one day when it went all different directions.

I have fond memories of being a daughter of a baker; my father. I am here to pass along my journey as a daughter of a baker and as a child that once was lost, but, has since been found.

We were created with a purpose and for a purpose.

  • Wondering what my/your purpose is?
  • Have you done something in particular that you like to do for others?
  • What does God want to do through me/you?
  • What was (ingredient) or (you) created for?
  • Is it to feed or fuel us?


Baking Ingredients

Baking ingredients have multiple uses and there are some ingredients that do not do well together. There are some ingredients that can cause some pretty bad outcomes. Forgetting an ingredient can cause something to not rise, sink or sulk.

Cake Decorating

Whether it is decorating a baked cake or covering up a mistake, the mistake is still there. We may have covered it up but,  know that” the cover up is only temporary. We think that not seeing the mistake it will remain hidden, well I have some news for you!

Decorating Icing

When you ice over a torn piece of cake, you will need to use a whole lot of icing to cover it up.  If you are using spatula you will need to have the right amount of icing and the right consistency of the icing.   All in hope that you will not cause the cake to crumble more, these decorating cover ups (mistakes) are much like our sins.

Icing Crumbs

Upon the first attempt you may get a lot of cake crumbs mixed up in your icing.  Know that these crumbs are still being exposed.  The multiple icing layers may cover up the mistake for a short span of time.  Sooner or later the icing will start giving way.  The icing will pull away from the cake because, the damaged area had no foundation to hold onto. Eventually, the cake will crumble and the covered piece will fall away.  This is much like our life experiences, you know the things that we kept hidden, deep inside of us.

Cake Foundation

The cake must be on a hard surface so we can move it with out it crumbling. Our life, must have a firm foundation too and that firm foundation is God!


What do you want your cake to look like?  Does the cake contents matter more than the exterior decoration?  How do we become a new creation? We must spend time reading the bible.  Eventually you will learn why things have happened and continue to happen.  If you want to change that you too can by becoming a new creation.



What inspires you to grow more?

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