Feeding the homeless

  • How did my volunteering start?  It was a few years ago when I was invited to feed the homeless in Sacramento, CA.
  • I thought long and hard about doing this, because, it was something I never considered doing on my own.  I hesitated about saying ‘yes’, the feeling that came over me was of uneasiness.
  • I thought about the homeless and why they were homeless and what could I possibly do for them.

Why did I feel uneasy when it came to this opportunity?

  • My idea was based on those I had walked by in the past. I was scared they would attack me and they may even ask me for something.
  • I judged them by thinking they put themselves in this situation. Why should I help them?  Why would I support their addiction by giving them money?
  • I have since learned how to love the homeless unconditionally.  I learned to love like Jesus loves.