Yeast is essential ingredient in breads and it is an living organism


Its best to use yeast at room temperature

What decreases the yeasts activity is when it comes in direct contact with salt or sugar

Take its using a thermometer, its temperature should be 120*f to 130*f

  • to dry ingredients
  • to wet (water) (before mixing with dry ingredients).
  • dissolve 1 teaspoon sugar in 1/2 cup of 110*f to 115*f water (before mixing with all the other dry ingredients) then, add up to 3 packets of yeast, depending on your recipe to the sugar solution.  Stir in yeast until completely dissolved. Let mixture stand until yeast begins to foam vigorously (5-10 minutes).

Re hydrating dry yeast before using it gives it a good start because, the yeast will feed on the sugar allowing it to become very active and ready to work in your dough.


  • rich source of B Vitamins
  • converts ferment able carbohydrates as maltose, glucose, fructose and sucrose into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

Yeast conversion is based on the flour in your recipes

Flour Dry Yeast
cups pkg .25 oz teaspoons
0-4 1 2 1/4
4-8 2 4 1/2
8-12 3 6 3/4
12-16 4 9

Ex: the recipes calls for 6 cups of flour you would use 2 (.25 oz packets) or 4 1/2 teaspoons of dry yeast.